Macular Carotenoids Conference 2015

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2015 Videos

Welcome Address by Dr Alan Howard and Jon Howard

Lecture 1: Dr Antonio Mendelez-Martinez, Carotenoid-containing foods to improve health

Lecture 2: Professor George Britton, A feast for the eye

Lecture 3: Professor D Thurnham, MZ-enriched eggs and the impact of their consumption by humans

Lecture 4:Professor Paul Bernstein, Mechanisms of production of meso-zeaxanthin

Lecture 5: Dr. Byki Huntjens, The complexity of spatial profiles of macular pigment

Lecture 6: Professor Tos Berenschot, Lutein and Inflammation

Prof Julie Mares, Phenotypic & Genotypic Predictors of MPOD Levels

Lecture 8: Dr J Stringham, Macular carotenoids, psychological stress, & general health status

Investigator Presentation Session-Macular Carotenoids Conference 2015

Lecture 9: Dr Riona Mulcahy, Overview of Alzheimer’s Disease and its treatment strategy

Lecture 10: Dr Robert Coen, Assessing cognitive function in AD and non-AD patients

Lecture 11: Professor Helen Griffiths, Oxidative stress, carotenoids and dementia

Dr Lisa Renzi, Evaluating the role of xanthophylls in cognition across multiple levels of analysis

Lecture 13: Neal Craft, Differing Xanthophyll Content in Regions of Elderly Human Brain

Lecture 14: Dr. Martha Neuringer, Exploring the roles of the Xanthophylls in Macular Development

Lecture 15: Professor Elizabeth Johnson, Distribution of L in Membranes of Rhesus Macaque Brain

Lecture 16: Professor John Nolan, Central Retina Enrichment Supplementation Trials (CREST): Report 1

Lecture 17: Professor Richard Bone, Macular carotenoids and their measurement: some open questions

Prof Loughman, Structural, functional and MP response to carotenoids in glaucoma subjects

Lecture 19: Dr Tunde Peto, Global prevalence of AMD

Lecture 20: Dr Imre Lengyel, Zinc in the eye and the visual pathway

Lecture 21: Dr M J Tolentino, Clinical Experience with carotenoids nutrients in exudative AMD.

Dr M Kuchan, Plasma Levels in Breast-fed Infants: Guide for Addition of L and Z to Formula

Lecture 23: Professor John Landrum, Macular Carotenoids and Breast Milk

Lecture 24: Professor Randy Hammond, The Macular Carotenoids in pre-and post-natal development

Panel Q& A with Session Chairs